sweet offerings confectionery is located in the historic East Village of the beautiful central coast town of Cambria, California. We offer customers a wide range of handmade chocolates, truffles, fudge, soft serve yogurt and retro candy among other sweet treats. 

sweet offerings is not just about satisfying your sweet tooth. It's also about the excitement you feel when you step through the door and smell the amazing aromas.  It like being a kid in a candy store again!

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sweet offerings beautiful interior resembles a Victorian sweet shop.

Our fantastic candy store beckons you to come in and enjoy over 40 varieties of sinfully smooth and rich chocolates made with fresh cream and premium ingredients.

Our large, rich truffles and extraordinary fudge are certain to please all discriminating palates.

In our continued efforts to support the community we love, we offer many products made by local vendors.  We carry Matthew's wild flower, orange blossom and raw honey with the comb from the San Joaquin Valley. 

Also from the central valley, we carry sinfully smooth chocolate covered Diamond walnuts and gluten free, organic and vegan peanut butter cups made in Cayucos by The JoyCup Company.  More than 50% of the product we carry is made in California.


sweet offerings also has an assortment of sugar free candies,  chocolates, licorice, Swedish fish and salt water taffy.

We have a great selection of sweets that your little ones crave! We have sour worms, candy blox, lollipops, pop rocks, gummi bears and Hello Kitty Pops among many other treats.

Fruit and Caramel

Our hand dipped caramel apples are juicy and delicious with loads of caramel, rolled in chopped peanuts and then drizzled with luscious dark, milk and white chocolate.

Caramel Peanut Apple



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Yard Stick Gum

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Store Hours - Open 10 am - 7 Days a Week